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Any item sold to Buyer by Du Vin is sold in California, and title passes to you, the Buyer, in California at the time of sale. If Buyer wishes to arrange delivery of their wines after purchase, they are responsible and bear all risk, including selecting a carrier and providing delivery instructions. Purchaser will be assessed a 20% return/restocking fee should the shipment be returned to Du Vin due to but not limited to the following: no person at least 21 years of age at the address at time of delivery attempt; the address provided is not valid; the shipment is refused by the recipient. UPS insurance will solely cover breakage or loss from time of purchase to time of delivery. Neither Du Vin nor its agents assume responsibility for any deterioration resulting from shipment and/or packaging, which includes, but is not limited to: scuffed and/or scratched labels and/or capsules/closures, cracked wax capsules, damaged bottle packaging boxes, or seepage. Buyer is encouraged to purchase secondary insurance for any and all items purchased from Du Vin. All sales are final whether or not the purchase has left our premises. Bottles unless noted otherwise may have nicks, tears, scratches, or other deformities on the label and/or capsule. No returns or refunds will be accepted and/or issued for any alcoholic beverage. Any order placed on our website may not be cancelled once it is placed. Transporting alcoholic beverages in extreme weather conditions and temperatures, even by Overnight service, may seriously damage wines. We define these temperature readings or predicted temperatures of greater than 75 degrees or less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Buyer certifies that they are 21 years of age or older. All transactions and prices listed are to be processed in United States Dollars. These terms shall be bound solely by the laws, rules, and regulations of The United States of America, State of California, City of Los Angeles.